iStuRyadOR si APOL

make up cover

I am an average person with humongous dreams. People see me as an outgoing person, I see myself as an ambivert, as outgoing as I am I still want some space and sometimes need a quiet time for myself. I am a spontaneous person and love random thoughts, things need not to be planned for me for a taste of adventure. Despite that fact, I am still organized and delivers out put on time. I love music, stage plays, performing arts, cooking, food, fashion and photography. I like nature and the beach and also enjoy adventure and travel. I am caring and loving with my loved ones, friends and people who care. I am not in favor with personalities who are egoistic, pretentious and prejudice. I am friendly, funny, vigilant, approachable, generous, and loyal and detail oriented. I am free spirited and care free, I love life and I enjoy the company of positive energies.

2 thoughts on “iStuRyadOR si APOL

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it. Write some more

  2. isturyador says:

    wooow thanks bff 😛 hihi

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