After quite sometime, I now have time to actually visit my blog and post something new about what has been happening with my life since. Three years ago, I got my heart broken and thought I would never survive the ordeal of being cheated and under appreciated. Today, I can say that I am in a better place.


Last July 2016, I received a good news from one of the companies I sent my application. It was a work outside my home city, far from my comfort zone. I was excited for the reason that it will be a new adventure for me, an independence I was yearning for years. Aside from being excited, I was a bit hesitant because I don’t know if I will survive the jungle of Metro Manila. Working in such big city, is way different from a city in the province. I thought I will give it a shot, I can always go home whenever I feel I don’t fit in the urban jungle.



The decision was easier because a year ago, I have already decided to move to Manila, but just didn’t happen. It only came into realization just this year. So here I am now, dealing everyday life in this big city. I only asked for job, but God gave me a job that I really wanted. A job where I travel and go to places. A job that is far different from the job I turned away from. Yes, I work in an office environment but the work is very dynamic. No dull moments as I busy my self more than 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. I get to go to our branches with my immediate superior all over Philippines from time to time. The perks of field work is working with leisure. You do get to enjoy while working, get to dine and enjoy good food at key restaurants of the places we visit, visit landmarks and go get some taste of adventure.


Indeed God is really great. He made me wait for over a year to give me this fantastic job. I am truly grateful and blessed with all the many blessings I have received until this moment. Yes, I do get burned out from time to time. I do experience homesickness, missing my family, my cozy room and the puppies at home. I miss Blair who passed away briefly after we came here in Metro Manila, I cried like a baby upon knowing the very sad news. Everything about home I missed, Tatay’s cooking, Ilonggo food, simple and quiet life we had at Pavia, Iloilo and many others I must say.

Here I am, still praying for guidance and wisdom from God. For all the heartbreaks which healed in time, thank you Lord for laying your hands on me. For all my troubles you washed away, for the uncertainties I felt, thank you for making me feel I am worthy to live. I continuously pray oh Father God, please don’t give up on me whenever I feel like giving up already. You gave me more than what I have asked for and I am overjoyed with your greatness.

I lift everything to you Oh Lord, give me strength to carry on with all the endeavors I will have yet to face. Thank you for Your love, for my family, friends, my work, for the provision you give for me to survive my day to day life here in the Metro.

I don’t know what got into me, but hey, I just want to shout out that I am happy and content. Come visit me here at Pasig City, if you are around the Metro. I work at Ortigas center, where traffic is hell but my work is a bliss! Thank you Nang Dora for the help, I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that was opened to me through you. May God bless you and your family endlessly.

Cheers to good life and adulthood!






Thank you for visiting my blog, see you back again! ^^,

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